Lesson Overview

 120 Minutes

 5, 6

 2nd - 5th Grade

 State Standards:
Science Standards: 2.3; 3.1L.1; 3.3; 4.3; 5.4

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Materials List

Paper and pencil
Worksheets: Food Explorers; Native Food of the Americas; Fruits/Vegetables I Have Tried

Be a Food Explorer: Part I

Categories: Agriculture , Food & Nutrition , Geography , History

Many foods we eat and grow in Oregon are not indigenous or native to North America. In this lesson students study the origin of fruits and vegetables from around the world


  • Food Explorers sheet. Discuss the meaning of native and indigenous species. Note: for younger grades you may wish to read the worksheet to the class or modify the material to meet reading level.
  • Share the list Native Foods of the Americas
  • Have students list all the foods they have eaten and cross check with the list of native foods

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