Lesson Overview

 120 Minutes

 1, 2

 2nd - 5th Grade

 State Standards:
Science Standards: 2.3; 3.3; 4.3; 5.3

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Materials List

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Paper plates and napkins
  • Worksheets: Food Survey; Vegetables List; Oregon’s Healthy Rainbow

Be a Food Explorer: Part II

Categories: Agriculture , Food & Nutrition

Students will use all their senses, especially their sense of taste, in this lesson as they learn about the rainbow of fruits and vegetables grown in Oregon.


  • Arrange a multi-colored assortment of fruits and vegetables for students to taste. (Refer to Fruits/Vegetables List).
  • Try and include foods students are not likely to have tried (ex: kale, apricots, loganberries, turnips).
  • Also, try and include as many Oregon/northwest food as possible.
  • Check for food allergies.

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