Lesson Overview

 45 Minutes


 K - 4th Grade

 State Standards:
NGSS: 2-LS2-2 CCSS: Language Arts/Literacy: RL.1.1,1.RI.7, SL.2.5 Social Sciences: K.11, RI.1.7, 1.12

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Materials List

  • Book
  • Three copies of bee hive
  • Five copies each of blueberry bush, apple tree and flowers
  • Chalk pieces
  • Numerous cotton swab bees
  • Pencils for tallying

The Beeman is a sweet story of a boy and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. The story teaches students about the amazing and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat.


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