Lesson Overview

 120 Minutes

 2, 4, 5, 9

 3rd - 5th Grade

 State Standards:
NGSS; 1-LS1-1, Partially meets 3-Ess2-2, CCSS: RI1.1, RI1.2, W1.7, W1.8, SL1.1, SL2.5, Social Sciences: 1.12, Health Education: HE.03.PH02.CC, HE.03.PH02.SM, HE.03.PH02.ADV, HE.03.PP01.CC

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Materials List

Grown in Oregon map
Food Group & Oregon Commodities List attached
My Oregon Plate nutrition sheets (free from AITC)

Oregon Food Rap Commercials

Categories: Agriculture , Food & Nutrition

The bounty of Oregon grown foods is vast and delicious. In this lesson students will have fun making a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Ask students to name foods they think are “good for them” (healthy and nutritious).
  • Discuss why they think certain foods help them grow and stay healthy while other food should be eaten in smaller amounts.

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