Literacy Project


Literacy Project

This project connects volunteers from the agricultural community to local classrooms! Trained volunteers read the featured book and complete an activity with the students. Sign-up today for this project by clicking the applicable button below.

About the Literacy Project

The goal of AITC’s Literacy Project is to improve both the reading and agricultural literacy of Oregon students in grades K-4. Each year a new agriculturally-themed book is chosen and a lesson is developed that reinforces the message of the book. Then hundreds of enthusiastic, trained volunteers bring in-class field trips to classrooms throughout Oregon.

The book this year, Allison Investigates: Does Chocolate Milk Come from Brown Cows?, is a fun and engaging story about curious and inquisitive Allison, who questions that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. One morning, she sets off on an investigation to discover the truth for herself! Filled with cows, farms and fun, this book helps readers discover the journey of milk from cows to you!

Find more information about the Literacy Project here!

How the Literacy Project Works

The AITC Literacy Project runs March 6 through the end of the school year. Trained volunteers schedule times to visit schools and read to students grades K-4 and do a hands-on lesson that meets Oregon standards to reinforce the book’s message. Start to finish, the reading and lesson take 45 minutes. The program is free and all materials are completely prepared by AITC. Each classroom receives a copy of the book.

Volunteer Training Session

Planned training sessions will be held at the following events. Specific times/rooms will be posted when made available. AITC staff is happy to arrange additional volunteer trainings upon request.

  • Oregon Women for Agriculture State Convention
  • State FFA Convention, Redmond  

A copy of the Lesson Plan can be found here: COMING SOON!

2016 Spring Literacy Project Training Video

Requested Schools

Below are schools that have already requested a volunteer. The schools are broken up into one of four areas: Portland-area, Western Oregon, Eastern Oregon and Southern Oregon. If you are interested in working with one of these schools, please contact Austin Miller at or 541-737-1318.


  • Brookwood Elementary School, Hillsboro
  • Corbett Grade School, Corbett
  • Hartley Elementary School, Portland
  • Hudson Park Elementary School, Rainier
  • MITCH Charter School, Tualatin
  • Springville Elementary School, Portland
  • St. Rose School, Portland

Western Oregon

  • Battle Creek Elementary School, Salem
  • Clear Lake Elementary School, Keizer
  • Country Faith Christian Academy, Newberg
  • Eagle Charter School, Salem
  • Holley Elementary School, Sweet Home
  • Kings Valley Elementary School, Philomath
  • Mary Eyre Elementary School, Salem
  • Myers Elementary School, Salem
  • Oak Grove Elementary School, Albany
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School, Pleasant Hill
  • Schirle Elementary School, Salem
  • Swegle Elementary School, Salem
  • Waverly Elementary School, Albany

Eastern Oregon

  • M A Lynch Elementary School, Redmond
  • Pine Creek Elementary School, Drewsey
  • Three Rivers Elementary School, Sunriver

Southern Oregon

  • Bellview Elementary School, Ashland
  • Malin Elementary School, Malin
  • Siuslaw Elementary School, Florence

After the Project

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Literacy Project! Once you have presented to your classrooms or had a volunteer visit please click on the button below to fill out the correct Participation Form.

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