Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017 Teacher of the Year,
Danielle Black

Danielle Black teaches fourth grade at Mountain View Elementary School in Corvallis. Danielle said that Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom’s (AITC) lesson plans have “made teaching agriculture in the classroom MUCH easier than it had been in the past.”

Danielle begins each school year by helping students discover Oregon’s rich agriculture. “Students use the Get Oregonized book and the Student Atlas of Oregon to discover Oregon’s six regions and the commodities each provide. Each group of students is in charge of researching one region and putting together a poster or PowerPoint presentation to teach their classmates about their region, with the focus of agriculture. When students compare various maps they begin to understand why certain commodities are produced in certain areas of Oregon, and why they aren’t in other areas.”

She also leads various agricultural lessons throughout the year including incubating eggs, where she teaches students about the internal and external structures of the egg that support survival and growth of the embryo. Students  discover behaviors of developing chicks as they hatch and adapt to their new world. “They find it intriguing that even without a hen, the chicks instinctually know how to crack out of their shell, walk, eat, drink, peck, etc.”

Danielle coordinates numerous lessons, fields trips, and activities to deepen her students’ understanding of agriculture. Students learn about fiber in art, explore aquatic ecology on an annual field trip, and discover forestry, fishing, and flowers through various activities.

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