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Soil Horizons & Oregon’s State Soil


…Water Filtering and Soil

Earth as an Apple & Soil Conservation


…Earth is an Apple & Soil Conservation…

Water Filtering and Soil


…Water Filtering and Soil

Oregon Soil Unit


…Oregon Soil Unit…

From Rocks to Soil


…From Rocks to Soil

Soil! Get the Inside Scoop


Resource Description

Go underground into the living world of soil. Explore how soil is part of out life–the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the houses we live in , and how it even helps to control our climate and protect our rivers and streams. Find out how a soil becomes a soil, why some soils are good for growing things and other are not, why you can pour sand but not clay. Then, take an around-the-world trip and dig into dry soils, wet soils, deep soils, and even frozen soils. Along the way, meet the scientists who work with soil every day. And find out why they think soil is so much fun.

By: David L. Lindbo

Seeds, Soil, Sun & See Them Sprout


…Seeds, Soil, Sun & See Them Sprout…

Soil – A True Book


Resource Description

Explore soils and how we can take care of them within the pages of this book . Great to pair with gardening books and a soils unit, also with AITC’s hands-on soils lessons. Index and glossary included in book.

By: Christin Ditchfield

The Soul of Soil


Resource Description

This a sensible book, well-focused, and highly readable handbook that provides essential information on the care of our most precious resource, our soil. Soil-building techniques include: organic matter management; on-site composting; cultivation and weed control; green manures and rotations; nutrient balances and soil testing; planning for organic certification. The Soul of Soil is more relevant than ever as the importance of organic certification is becoming widely recognized.

By: Grace Gershuny, Joe Smillie

Seed, Soil, Sun


Resource Description

Seed. Soil. Sun. With these simple ingredients, nature creates our food. This beautifully written book by Cris Peterson, brings both wonder and clarity to the subject of agriculture, celebrating the cycle of growth, harvest, and renewal. The photography that conveys this story is a perfect fit for this story. The companion book to the Seed, Soil, Sun lesson plan and the Seed, Soil, Sun Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

By: Cris Peterson