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An Appetizer for Astronauts


An Appetizer for Astronauts Kit* or: Per Student • Microgreen seeds • Planting container (with holes) • Nesting container(1020 flat, baking sheet or a container without holes) • Soil • Water • An Appetizer for Astronauts worksheet • Growing Microgreens PowerPoint • Steps to Growing Microgreens worksheet (optional)

Mighty Microgreens


[…] for? c. How do you grow microgreens? Part 3: Growing Microgreens! Teacher Preparation: fill a growing flat or tray with water to allow students to moisten the soil with. 1. Explain to students that they will be growing microgreens and will have the opportunity to taste them when they are ready to harvest. 2. […]

Sprouting Seeds to Microgreens!


[…] are microgreens? b. How are microgreens harvested? Activity 3: Mighty Microgreens Teacher Preparation: fill a growing flat or tray with water to allow students to moisten the soil with. 1. Explain to students that they will be growing some microgreens of their own and will get the opportunity to taste them when they are […]

Greenhouse Engineering Challenge


[…] help define the different growing systems if they are familiar with any of them. Traditional: the method of growing plants using pots, trays or growing beds and soil. Aquaponics: a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn […]

The Legend of the Three Sisters


[…] of how the actual crops benefit each other include the corn providing a trellis or pole for the bean to climb. The bean provides nitrogen to the soil to help the corn grow. The squash prevents weeds from growing and deters pests. Part 3: Planting a Three Sisters Garden Allow students the opportunity to […]

Three Sisters Coloring Garden


[…] balls should stay moist through germination. If one or more appear dry you can add a little water with an eyedropper or spray bottle. Germinated seeds can be transplanted in 1-2 weeks. Cut the tip off each finger and pull out the germinated seeds (cotton ball and all), and transplant into a container with soil.

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The Many Hats of Farmers


[…] – Must be able to recognize the various kinds of trees, detect fires and know the methods for controlling them, and clear trees from land and prevent soil erosion Scientist – Must be able to conduct experiments that help answer agricultural questions like which crops grow best in a particular climate or soil Weather […]

Oregon Grown Commodities


Oregon provides the perfect weather and soil for growing pears. Pear production in Oregon makes up 84% of the nation’s fresh pear fruit! Click here to learn more about pears!



[…] state in the United States. The hop industry in Oregon values at a total of $34 million. In Oregon, the Willamette Valley is where hops are planted. In the Willamette Valley, the soil is very healthy, the climate is moderate and there is plenty of rain that ensures a perfect environment for hops to grow.