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Lesson Overview
  • 60 Minutes
  • 4,5
  • K - 4th Grade
  • State Standards:
    NGSS: K-LS1 CCSS: SL.1,2,3,6, SL.1,2,3,6 SL.1,2,3,6, SL. 1,2,3,6, SL.1,2 HE.03.PH01.CC; HE.03.PH01.AI; HE.03.PH02.SM

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Materials List

Food Group Sorting

Categories:  Food & Nutrition

Students are constantly growing and learning new information about health and nutrition. This lesson teaches about the importance of a well-balanced diet and incorporates all five food groups. Students will participate in a hands-on activity to categorize various foods and meals into the five food groups.

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Download the food cards here. 


  • Food Group Sorting Lesson