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Grow a bean in a bag using water beads! Each water bead is colored and represents the needs of plant for growth and development. This kit does not need to be returned. 

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This kit accompanies the ‘Til the Cows Come Home Literacy Project. The Ag Tag Matching Game links commodities to their many by-products and shows how even “waste” materials can be made into something useful. Click here for the lesson plan. If you would like the book, please check it out separately. This whole kit needs to be returned. 

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The Tree Farmer

Chuck Leavell

A Grandson confronts his Grandfather, a tree farmer, about how he can grow trees with so much love and care, only to cut them down. But as they walk together through the trees, they discover the majesty of the forest and enjoy the life journey of each tree. The Tree Farmer takes young readers on a magical journey through the forest, in a tale of the gifts of trees and our responsibility to care for trees, generation to generation. The companion book to The Gift of Trees lesson plan and The Gift of Trees Kit. Please check the kit out separately from the book.

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This kit allows students to “become” bees and pollinate different Oregon crops. Click here for the lesson plan. Please check out the book separately.

This kit does not need to be returned.

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.


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Invites young readers to find various quantities of such things as farm animals and tools which are labeled in the illustrations of rural scenes, including a sheep farm, an orchard, a rice paddy, and bee hives.

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This kit contains everything you need to facilitate the Apple Farming Game activity. This kit contains  the lesson, 30 apple cards, 25 playing cards and 13 scenario cards. Don’t want to wait for the kit? Download the cards and scenarios and play today!  This kit does not need to be returned. 

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A Pocket Full of Goobers

Barbara Mitchell

This book relates the scientific efforts of George Washington Carver, especially his production of more than 300 uses for the peanut.

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George Washington Carver often said that a weed is a flower growing in the wrong place. He might have said this of himself. The child of slaves, he grew up eager to learn, but unable to find a school in his neighborhood that would accept black students. It was twenty years before he had enough money saved to go to college, but eventually George Washington Carver became a professor at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. There he was able to teach poor farmers the value of plants such as the sweet potato and the peanut- crops that were almost unknown at the time, but for which he invented hundreds of uses.

Written and illustrated with affection for “a wonderful man who devoted his whole like to making life better for others,” Aliki’s biography tells the remarkable story of a great figure in African American history.

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A Year on the Farm

Sue Unstead

Follow the busy lives of Mr. and Mrs. Farmer through A Year on the Farm, looking after the animals and growing crops. Look out for the busy Red Tractor who’s helping out!

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Acres of Adventures – 1

National 4-H Curriculum

This is a two book series for educators desiring to enrich the scientific learning environment by tying lessons into week long celebrations of Agriculture. It is created by the National 4-H Curriculum for cultivating excitement for science and agriculture in school and in afterschool programs.