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Learn, Grow, Eat & Go!- Teacher’s Guide

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension

In an academically-rich and integrated way, this curriculum project will guide you and your students to a better understanding of plants and garden science. Learn, Grow, Eat & GO!  can motivate your students to gain a better understanding of foods and physical activities that cultivate their minds and strengthen their bodies. It will also help guide your schools to have successful experiences creating & caring for rich garden environments that will provide a successful harvest with this season’s nutrient-dense vegetables! This book needs to be returned. 

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How to Grow a School Garden- A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers

Arden Bucklin-Sporer, Rachel Kathleen Pringle

How to Grow a School Garden is a complete guide for parents and teachers to answer kids’ biggest questions: Where does my food come from? Is nature important to me? This guide is packed with strategies, to do lists, detailed lesson plans, and easy recipes. A must have for parents, teachers, and administrators! This book needs to be returned. 

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Have your students learn how to make a dichotomous key through mints. In each student bag you will receive 5 different mints which you will distribute, then conduct a lesson on.

Use this link, scroll down and select which of the several lesson delivery options you would like.


Your kit includes:
– 5 Different mints sealed in a bag

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It’s All About the Food- Teacher’s Resource

International Plant Nutrition Institute

It’s All about the Food is a teaching resource that contains exciting lessons for grades fifth through eighth; the emphases in each lesson are on problem solving and critical thinking. Lessons are referenced to the National Science Education Standards and contain background information, step-by-step procedures for the teachers, lists of materials, and “Procedure Checklist” and “Data and Conclusions” handouts for the students. The book is filled with lessons about the nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis, how plant nutrition affects the foods we eat, a board game, and problem-solving adventures. This guide will need to be returned.