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July 27, 2023
Day 1 Slides Presentation

Earth’s Land and Soil Resources | View Lesson
Students discover that topsoil is a nonrenewable resource and use an apple to represent how Earth’s land resources are used. Through critical thinking, students study agricultural land use and consider the sustainability of current land use practices including the use of land to feed and graze livestock animals.

Journey 2050 | View Resource  | View Lesson Unit

Water Footprint |
View Lesson
Explore concepts of sustainability by evaluating the water footprint (WF) of food. Students are introduced to irrigation practices throughout the world, consumptive and non-consumptive water use, and investigate the water requirements for various food crops.
*No kit available.

Increasing Food Production with Precision Agriculture | View Lesson
This hands-on lesson teaches students how precision agriculture uses geographic information systems (GIS) to help farmers and manufacturers make smart, efficient, and responsible decisions about how and when they plant, grow, irrigate, harvest, and transport crops.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, October 2023.

Watertalk | Jeremy Giffin | Deschutes Basin Watermaster | View Presentation

July 28, 2023
Day 2 Slides Presentation

Greenhouse Engineering Challenge | View Lesson
Students will use the Engineering Design Process to plan and construct a greenhouse prototype for growing microgreens. Students will apply an understanding of plant needs for growth and determine growing options for communities with climatic challenges.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom January 2024.

Flower Power | View Lesson
Students observe the anatomical structures of flowers and explain a flower’s role in plant growth and reproduction as well as their connection to our food supply.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, limited availability.
*Available to purchase from Ag in the Classroom Store here. 

Farming Simulation | View Lesson
This activity will introduce students to farm economics and the variable forces affecting crop production and sales. Students will learn that farming is a business and the importance of anticipating and managing risks that affect profit. Lesson adopted from Oregon Aglink.
*No kit available.

Where does it grow? The Science and Climate of Food | View Lesson
Students will discover the connection between climate and our food supply as they answer the question, “Where does it grow?” They will also explore the consequences of climate change on our food supply and discover how advances in science can help farmers adapt to climate change.
*No kit available.

The Science of GMOs | View Lesson
Students will map the scientific process of creating a bioengineered (GMO) plant, compare bioengineered soybean seeds to conventional soybean seeds, describe the impact weeds have on plant growth, and understand how a bioengineered seed can help farmers manage weeds.
*Kit available for purchase from Ag in the Classroom Store here.

Types by Texture | View Lesson
Students will investigate soil texture and test soil for its nutrient composition and determine supplemental needs for healthy plant growth.
*Kit available for purchase from Ag in the Classroom Store here.

Testing Soil Nutrients | View Lesson
Students will discover that plants need an adequate amount of nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Plants uptake nutrients from the soil, so it is important to test soil regularly to determine if there are enough nutrients to support plant growth. The soil test kit will help students identify whether soils in their garden, yard, park, etc. are fertile or deficient in nutrients.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, November 2023.

Mind Your Own Beeswax | View Lesson
Through project-based learning, students solve the problem of excess beeswax, a byproduct of honey bees, by developing a useful beeswax product and marketing their product to be sold in a local boutique or farmers market.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, April 2023.
*Kit available for purchase from Ag in the Classroom Store here.

The Big Deal About Big Ag | View Lesson
Discover how technological advances and economic forces influence the size of farms in the United States. Evaluate the pros and cons of large-scale agriculture for the production of our food, fuel and fiber and identify the similarities and differences in commercial vs subsistence farming.
*Kit available from Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, September 2023.
*Kit available from Ag in the Classroom Store here.

National Agriculture in the Classroom Course Topics | View here

2024 National Agriculture in the Classroom National Conference
Salt Lake City, June 24-27,2024
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Summer Agriculture Institute – Corvallis | Learn more
Summer Agriculture Institute (SAI) is a three-credit, week-long, graduate-level class through Oregon State University that educates K-12 teachers with little or no background in agriculture. Teachers earn three graduate credits and the enrollment cost is $800 (including a $200 non-refundable deposit).