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Resource Type

Field Trip Inquiry Box

Age Range

3rd - 5th

At Home on the Range (Grades 3-5)

Categories: Animals , Conservation & Natural Resources , Science

Resource Description

Utilize this inquiry box with our past virtual field trip video on Beef Production. In this box, you will find materials for the At Home on the Range lesson. Students will learn about rangelands by participating in a hands-on activity of growing their own grass to represent a beef or sheep ranch. Students will visit four stations learning about topics such as land use in Oregon, cattle care and nutrition, nutrition of beef products, land stewardship and grazing. Materials provided include 9oz clear cups, peat pellets and grass seed. Materials will be provided for 30 students.

Find the a link to the virtual field trip video and lesson plan here.

Materials will be provided for 30 students. Due to grant funding restrictions, this resource is only available to classrooms and not individual students.
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