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Field Trip Inquiry Box

Age Range

6th - 12th

Blue's the Clue: Scouring Milk for Science (Grades 6-12)

Categories: Animals , Careers , Curriculum , Foods & Nutrition , General Agriculture , Science

Resource Description

Utilize this inquiry box with our past virtual field trip video to Rickreall Dairy. In this box, you will find materials for the Blue’s the Clue: Souring Milk for Science lesson. This lab introduces students to the effect temperature has on reducing and controlling the growth of bacteria. Students will use conventionally pasteurized and ultra-high-temperature (UHT) milk to observe how different temperatures (hot, room temperature, cool, and freezing) affect the growth of spoilage bacteria. They will also learn about the importance of pasteurization in keeping food safe. Materials provided include test tube stands with test tubes, graduated cylinders, methylene blue, carton of UHT milk, and pipettes. Materials are provided for 6 groups of students.

Find the a link to the virtual field trip video and lesson plan here.

Materials will be provided for 30 students. Due to grant funding restrictions, this resource is only available to classrooms and not individual students.


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