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3rd - 12th

Loggers - Volume 7

Rick Steber

Categories: Conservation & Natural Resources , Oregon

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Logging in North America began with the arrival of European colonists in the 1600’s.In 1869, when Lumberman Samuel Wilkeson first saw the Western forests he wrote “Oh! What timber! These tress so enchain the sense of the grand and so enchant the sense of the beautiful that I am loth to depart. Forests in which you cannot ride a horse — forests into which you cannot see, and which are almost dark under a bright midday sun — such forests containing firs, cedars, pine, spruce and hemlock — forests surpassing the woods of all the rest of the globe in their size, quantity and quality of the timber. Here can be found great trees, monarchs to whom all worshipful men inevitable lift their hats.” A great book about the history of loggers and logging in the United States. This book needs to be returned. 

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