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Instructional Unit Manipulative

Age Range

K - 6th

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Germination and Greenhouses Curriculum Kit

Categories: Gardening , Plants , Seeds

Resource Description

Welcome to the exciting world of germination and growth. In this curriculum kit, students will embark on a journey into the realm of plants and their remarkable life cycles through books, lessons and a classroom greenhouse all provided to you! From the tiny seedlings sprouting from the soil to the lush foliage that adorns our landscapes, young learners will delve into the wonders of germination and explore the intricacies of how living things grow. Students can discover the essential role of water and sunlight, and witness firsthand the amazing transformations that occur as plants spout. Get ready to cultivate curiosity and nurture budding minds as we unlock the mysteries of nature’s green thumb!


What’s Included

  • Living Necklace Kit & lesson plan
  • Growing Bracelets kit & lesson plan
  • Grow a Bean in a Bag kit & lesson plan
  • Turf Buddies Kit & lesson plan
  • Mobile Classroom Greenhouse
  • Large Growing trays (4x)
  • Small 5×5 growing trays (25x)
  • Grow lights for Classroom Greenhouse (4x)
  • Assortment of garden seeds (10x packets)
  • 5 Classrooms Books


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