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Inspiring Future Generations

This competitive award will recognize an outstanding teacher for their creative efforts to teach students about the importance of agriculture. Teachers currently engaged in integrating agricultural concepts into non-vocational agriculture classroom settings at the K-12 level are eligible. This may be an individual teacher or a team of teachers.

Criteria and Application Information

Teachers must use agricultural information and/or materials within their classroom curriculum in an effort to help students understand importance of agriculture. Innovative and interdisciplinary methods are encouraged.


Judging will be based on these three criteria:

  1. Creativity and Use of Agricultural Information – The degree to which sound agricultural concepts have been included in a variety of subjects or topics. Value will be placed on the approach which teaches agriculture across the curriculum or subject. References should be made to the creative methods utilized in advancing student learning.


  1. Student Impact – Evidence of impact on student’s attitudes and overall learning.


  1. Overall Impact, Longevity of the Program – Evidence of historical and new agricultural concepts introduced to the class and/or school wide.

The award presentation will be at the 2023 Fall Harvest Dinner at the OSU Alumni Center in Corvallis. Nominations will be evaluated by a panel of judges familiar with agriculture, education and Agriculture in the Classroom.