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Volunteer Resource Center

Are you passionate about agricultural education but are not a teacher?

Are you hosting an event that you need bulk supplies and Oregon AITC kits for?

Are you volunteering in a classroom and need some tips?

You have come to the right place! 

I am hosting an event

If you need bulk materials for an Oregon AITC kit or want to inquire to have and Oregon AITC staff members present at or attend an event you are hosting, click here.

I want classroom tips

If you are volunteering for the Agricultural Literacy Project or are visiting a classroom independently and are using Oregon AITC resources and want some tips from a former Agriculture Teacher on how to effectively manage a classroom as a guest speaker, click here.

Explore Agriculture Videos

Not all learning takes place in the classroom. To visit our YouTube page to view 360 degree videos of harvest of several different Oregon grown commodities, click here.

Virtual Farm Field Trips

To view the archive of past Virtual Farm Field Trips to share with any student in your life, click here.

Agricultural Literacy Project

Visit a local classroom with this year’s Agricultural Literacy Project! We give you all of the information and materials for a fun and educational experience!

Oregon AITC Library Resources

This six part series is a publication of National Agriculture in the Classroom. Issue one provides an overview of agriculture in the United States. Students will learn about natural resources, plants and animals, science, technology, and nutrition! Students make the connection that agriculture is everywhere and that we rely on it every single day.

Issue 1 | Issue 2 | Issue 3 | Issue 4 | Issue 5 | Issue 6

The Grown in Oregon Map helps students visualize where things are grown in our state and why. It is a great tool for teaching regions. It can be used to learn about counties, or for starting a discussion on nutrition and the abundance of healthy produce in our state.

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Milk is a nutritional powerhouse packed with calcium and other essential nutrient’s that fuel your body and strengthen your bones. Order from our website and we will send you a class set to keep!

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Grind wheat, rice, oats, barley, non-oily seeds, and spices. Adjustable from fine to coarse textures. Great for fresh whole grain flours or cracked grain cereals. Precision stainless steel burrs ensure a long life. A sturdy, compact mill that out performs larger, heavier hand grinders.

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Grow your own necklace! This kit contains materials for your students to plant a seed in a jewel bag attached to yarn, thus creating a “living necklace.” Given time and water, the necklace will be alive with a growing sprout in a few days. An excellent activity for teaching plant growth requirements. Kit includes: yarn, cotton ball, bean seed and plastic bag.

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This simple lesson gives students an opportunity to investigate and observe how a seed sprouts. Kit includes: gloves, cotton balls, and five varieties of seeds.

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The Beeman is a sweet story of a boy and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. The story teaches students about the amazing  and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat. This kit allows students to “become” bees and pollinate different Oregon crops.

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This fun hands-on activity is a great way for students to learn about germination and watch grass grow. Students fill a nylon full of soil, a sprinkle of grass seed, and watch as their buddy grows “hair”.

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Students learn what a plant need to grow and thrive, represented by a growing bracelet; each different colored bead is what a plant needs to live, and pipe-cleaner is the plant.

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Students will get hooked on wool spinning as they learn about wool and where it comes from. Using carded wool and spinning hooks, students will create friendship bracelets to wear home!

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