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Jessica Jansen

Executive Director

A native Oregonian, Jessica fell in love with agriculture as a teenager. Inspired by her involvement in FFA throughout high school, Jessica developed a passion for education and communication. This interest led her to pursue two degrees at Oregon State University; Agricultural Sciences and Communication. Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations of Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom and works to develop the program to meet the ever-changing needs of Oregon educators and promote the greatest industry in the world, Oregon Agriculture!

Brittany Capell

Education Programs Coordinator

Agriculture has played a huge role in Brittany’s life since adolescence. Through her involvement in 4-H and other agricultural organizations, she recognized the need to educate consumers on agriculture to help bridge the gap of the rural urban divide.  This inspired Brittany to attend Oregon State University, where she obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences and M.S in Agriculture Education. As the Education Programs Coordinator, Brittany works to empower students and instructors with educational advancement experiences through the context of agriculture.

Rachel Noble

Office Manager

In her role at Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom, Rachel oversees social media outreach and communications as well as the free-loan library and other educational resources and opportunities for teachers. Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from Oregon State University, Rachel developed a passion for filling the need of advocacy and education for the agriculture industry and is excited that she gets to help do that through the work done at Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom.



Casey Blake

Washington County Programs Coordinator

Originally from the Twin Cities, Casey pursued his Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Education at South Dakota State University. From there he went onto gain international experience spending four years between West Africa and South America in the US Peace Corps. Wanting to be back in the US but still work with diverse audiences he transitioned to the Programs Coordinator Role for Washington County. He serves the county to spread the mission of Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom.