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Literacy Project

2019 Agricultural Literacy Project

The Agricultural Literacy Project connects volunteers from the agricultural community with local classrooms! Trained volunteers visit classrooms, read the featured book and lead an activity with the students reinforcing the message or theme of the book.

About the Literacy Project

The goal of AITC’s Literacy Project is to improve both the reading and agricultural literacy of Oregon students in grades K-4. Each year a new agriculturally-themed book is chosen and a lesson is developed that reinforces the message of the book. Then hundreds of enthusiastic, trained volunteers bring in-class field trips to classrooms throughout Oregon.

The book this year, John Deere, That’s Who!, tells the story of John Deere and his development of the steel plow. Beautiful illustrations accompany the fun text and bring the story of this remarkable agricultural innovator to life.

Agricultural Literacy Project Lesson

How it Works

The project runs from March 5 through the end of the school year. Volunteers schedule times to visit schools and read to students grades K-4 and do a hands-on lesson that meets Oregon standards to reinforce the book’s message. Start to finish, the reading and lesson take 45 minutes. The program is free and all materials are completely prepared by Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom. Each participating classroom receives a copy of the book.

Requested Schools

Below are schools that have already requested a volunteer. The schools are broken up into one of six areas: Washington County, Portland-Area, Western Oregon, Southern Oregon, Central Oregon and Eastern Oregon. If you are interested in working with one of these schools, please contact Jessica Jansen at Jessica.Jansen@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-8629.

Available Schools

Below are all of the schools and towns they are located in that have requested volunteers for the 2019 Literacy Project.

Washington County

  • Hopkins Elementary School – Scherwood
  • Imlay Elementary School – Hillsboro
  • Ladd Acres Elementary School – Hillsboro
  • Mitch Charter School – Tualatin
  • Orenco Elementary School – Hillsboro
  • Springville Elementary School – Portland
  • St. Mathew Catholic School – Hillsboro
  • Tobias Elementary School – Hillsboro


  • Carus Elementary School-Oregon City
  • Clarkes Elementary School-Mulino
  • Creston Elementary School – Portland
  • Hartley Elementary School – Portland
  • Ninety-One School – Hubbard
  • Oliver Elementary School – Portland
  • Powell Valley Elementary School-Gresham
  • Welches Elementary School – Welches
  • William Knight Elementary School – Canby


  • Albany Christian – Albany
  • Amity Elementary School – Amity
  • Battle Creek Elementary School – Salem
  • Busy Beavers Academy-Salem
  • Cloverdale Elementary School-Turner
  • Creslane Elementary School – Creswell
  • EAGLE Charter School – Salem
  • Evergreen Elementary School – Silverton
  • Forest Ridge Elementary School – Keizer
  • Franklin School – Corvallis
  • Grant Elementary School – Salem
  • Gubser Elementary School – Keizer
  • Harrison Elementary School – Cottage Grove
  • Hoover Elementary school-Salem
  • Irving Elementary School – Eugene
  • Jefferson Elementary School – Corvallis
  • Kings Valley Charter School – Philomath
  • Liberty Elementary School – Albany
  • Lincoln Elementary School – Woodburn
  • Lincoln Elementary School – Corvallis
  • Lourdes Public Charter School – Scio
  • Luckiamute Valley Charter School – Dallas
  • Maple Lawn Preschool – Albany
  • Mary Eyre Elementary School – Salem
  • Mc Cornack Elementary School – Eugene
  • Mt. View Elementary School – Corvallis
  • Myers Elementary School – Salem
  • Oak Elementary School – Albany
  • Oak Heights Elementary School – Sweet Home
  • Optimum Learning Environment – Keizer
  • Pleasant Hill Elementary School –  Pleasant Hill
  • Pringle Elementary School – Salem
  • Richmond Elementary School – Salem
  • Riverbend Elementary School-Springfield
  • Schirle Elementary School – Salem
  • Stayton Elementary School – Stayton
  • Sublimity Elementary School – Sublimity
  • Swegle Elementary School – Salem
  • Tangent Elementary School – Tangent
  • Waverly Elementary School – Albany
  • Wright Elementary School – Salem


  • Butte Falls Charter School-Butte Falls
  • Coquille School District – Coquille
  • Sam’s Valley Elementary School – Central Point
  • Walker Elementary School – Ashland


  • Colonel Wright Elementary School – The Dalles
  • Columbia Lutheran School – The Dalles
  • Dry Hollow Elementary School – The Dalles
  • Miller Elementary School – Bend
  • Powell Butte Community Charter School-Powell Butte
  • Sage Elementary School – Redmond
  • Terrebonne Community School – Terrebonne
  • Tom McCall Elementary School – Redmond
  • Vern Patrick Elementary – Redmond


  • Annex Charter School – Ontario
  • Ione Community School – Ione
  • Rocky Heights Elementary School – Hermiston
  • Vale Elementary School – Vale

Literacy Project Sponsors