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Literacy Project

2020 - 2021 Agricultural Literacy Project

The Agricultural Literacy Project connects volunteers from the agricultural community with local classrooms! Trained volunteers visit classrooms, read the featured book and lead an activity with the students reinforcing the message or theme of the book.


About the Literacy Project

The goal of Oregon AITC’s Agricultural Literacy Project is to improve both the reading and agricultural literacy of Oregon students in grades K-4. Each year a new agriculturally-themed book is chosen and a lesson is developed that reinforces the message of the book. Then hundreds of enthusiastic, trained volunteers bring in-class field trips to classrooms throughout Oregon. This year’s featured book is The Girl Who Thought in Pictures, the story of Dr. Temple Grandin.

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures; tells the story of renowned animal scientist, Dr. Temple Grandin and her innovative contributions to animal agriculture. This remarkable story follows Temple’s journey as she navigates through school as a child with autism overcoming adversity, to designing livestock handling systems used worldwide. This book allows us the opportunity to celebrate the diverse students within our communities empowering student’s differences and reinforcing messages of kindness to creatures of all kinds.

How it Works

Our literacy project featuring the book, The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin has been extended through this school year, re-starting in November 2020 and completing in June 2021! Volunteers schedule times to read to students grades K-4 and check for comprehension using questions, then teachers are provided with an optional follow-up activity that meets Oregon standards to reinforce the book’s message. Start to finish, the reading and lesson take 35 minutes. The program is FREE and all materials are completely prepared by Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom. Each participating classroom receives a copy of the book.

Virtual Lesson Plan

Thanks for your help increasing agricultural literacy in Oregon students during distance learning. Below you will find a copy of our virtual presentation lesson plan in which volunteers will complete part 1 and the classroom teacher will complete part 2. Volunteers will be provided the lesson plan below and a link to the book in a slides presentation format for easy use on virtual platforms. Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom will mail the participating teacher a copy of the book for their classroom library and bookmarks for each student.

Virtual Literacy Project Lesson Plan

In-Person Lesson Plan & Training Video

Thanks for your help in increasing agricultural literacy in Oregon students. You will find a complete copy of the lesson plan and training video below to help prepare you for your classroom visit. The video highlights each part of the lesson plan and provides helpful hints to ensure a successful experience in the classroom.

Literacy Project Lesson Plan In-person


Watch our training video!