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Grade Level
Agricultural Networking

30 min lesson

This exciting role-playing lesson opens students’ eyes to all of the many people that grow, research, process, and transport food, fiber, and wood products. This lesson will inspire students about the potential of working in agriculture.

Busy Bees

45 min lesson

The Beeman is a sweet story of a boy and his grandfather who is a beekeeper. The story teaches students about the amazing and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat.

From Rocks to Soil

120 min lesson

In this lesson students explore weatherization (physical and chemical) by doing a series of short experiments that demonstrate how rocks and minerals are broken down into soil. Expand this lesson further by taking students on a field trip to look for rocks breaking down into soil.

Give Me Five!

45 min lesson

Students learn about the five food groups and what Oregon grown foods fit into each group. This lesson makes a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Making Bioplastics

50 min lesson

Common plastic is made from petroleum, a fossil fuel and non-renewable resource. Increasingly, plastic products are being made from biomass which is made from renewable resources, often by-products of agricultural processes.

This lesson investigates the miraculous process of air and water combining with seeds, soil and sunlight to create nearly all the food we eat. By having students observe different types of seeds, this lesson takes plant germination one step further by having students record the differing growth rates and other observations in germination journals (template provided).

Water Filtering and Soil

60 min lesson

This hands-on experiment demonstrates soil’s function as a water filter, as well as other physics concepts like hydrophobicity, soil absorption and adsorption, soil as a storage container for water, and the positive and negative charges of soil and contaminants.