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Virtual Field Trips


“This is a wonderful new format for learning about Oregon Agriculture. I see endless possibilities for engaging studies with our varied producers in this state. Students may never have the chance to be this up close and personal.”
– Virtual Field Trip Participant


If you are an agricultural producer or business owner who is interested in partnering for a Virtual Field Trip, email aitc@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-8629.



Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to announce the new resource of Virtual Field Trips! This gives teachers the chance to take their students on a field trip to learn about agriculture in Oregon without even leaving the classroom.

Virtual Field Trips are FREE and a fun and engaging way for students to interact with farmers in REAL TIME! All that is needed to participate is stable internet connection and projection capabilities in your classroom. You will also need access to the ZOOM video conferencing website (work with your school’s technical support to ensure the site is not blocked).



Virtual Field Trip FAQ's

The Virtual Field Trips are 30-40 minutes with 5-10 minutes for questions. Length will be determined based on grade level and site.

All that is needed to participate is stable internet connection in your classroom, the ability to connect to the ZOOM video conference website and projection and audio capabilities in your classroom.

After your class is registered, you will receive a test link to make sure you can connect to the site. Before the tour, you will be sent the link that the tour will be streaming on.

Yes! There will be time during and after the tour for classes to ask questions to the farmer, producer or career professional.