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Watch Previous Virtual Farm Field Trips

Sheep and Wool

Students are invited to learn about raising sheep and their fiber from Burns-Hale Livestock in Lebanon, Oregon. We will explore how sheep are raised the process of shearing their wool in a demonstration!

Alpacas of Oregon

Learn about Alpacas and their fiber from Alpacas of Oregon in Sherwood, Oregon! We explored how Alpacas are raised, what they eat, what makes them unique and how they produce fiber!

Schoch Dairy & Creamery

Get ready for an udderly amazing experience! Schoch Dairy shares the fascinating journey of how milk is bottled. From the barn to the bottle, students gain a firsthand look at the magic behind this delicious beverage!

Chickens and Turkeys

Join us for a virtual field trip to Helvetia Farm Market. Students will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with chickens and turkeys. This experience will bring the farm to your classroom, providing an exciting and educational adventure.

Sparrowhawk Farm

We visit Sparrowhawk Farm in Hillsboro, Oregon to learn about vegetable production. Our guide, James, will introduce us to the farm’s greenhouse, water storage system, fresh produce, and the process to grow veggies for families in Washington County, Oregon!

Sweet Corn

In this Virtual Field Trip we travel to Forest Hills Farm in Cornelius, Oregon! We learned about growing and harvesting sweet corn! Students asked an array of questions to farmer Anna in this virtual field trip. 

Lambs and Sheep

Let’s learn about lambs together! We visit the Farm Campus at PCC Rock Creek where our host, Avery, will share her passion for sheep with your class! Over our 30-minute Virtual Field Trip, we will learn how to shear sheep for their wool, the birthing cycle for new lambs and what it takes to take care of a flock of sheep!

Bridgetown Mushrooms

Come see what it takes to grow mushrooms in a commercial setting for all to enjoy! Over our 30 minute Virtual Field trip we will visit Bridgetown Mushrooms based out of Washington County in Tigard. Our host, Trevor, will show you how they go from spore to mushrooms!

Stoneboat Farm

Check out the wonderful bounty that grows at Stoneboat Farm in Hillsboro! Our host, Aaron, will share cool weather produce that grows on his farm, explain what a CSA is and talk about why he’s so passionate about growing vegetables!

Dierickx Farm

Come Join us as we visit Dierickx Farm where our host Thomas shows us the technology that goes into farm equipment! We will go into his tractor as he prepares his soil to plant some wheat!

Fraga Farm

Come Join us as we visit Fraga Farms and see a Dairy Goat operation in action!

Lumber Milling

Come Join us as we visit a mobile lumber milling operation and discover how raw lumber is turned into boards for carpentry and firewood!

Tilla Bay Farms

Come Join us as we visit Tilla Bay Farms and see how a robotic dairy operation works!


Seaview Cranberries

Get deep in the bog with our visit to Seaview Cranberries and see how cranberries are harvested!


Christmas Trees

Watch a Virtual Farm Field trip at a Christmas tree farm in Cheshire, Oregon. Learn all about the different types of Christmas trees, how to grow them and watch the helicopter harvest!


Learn about Oregon Hazelnuts at Vandyke Farms in Yamhill, Oregon!

Honey Bees

Join us to learn about Oregon Honey Bees from OSU Researcher Carolyn Breece!

Fishing on the Oregon Coast (Grades 3-5)

Join us for a 30 minute in-depth tour of fishing at a dock in Newport, Oregon!

Fishing on the Oregon Coast (Grades K-2)

Join us for this quick 15 minute tour of a fishing boat on Oregon’s Coast!

Blooming Nursery

Learn about the production of plants from Blooming Nursery in Cornelius, Oregon!

Egg Production

Learn about the production of eggs at Willamette Egg Farms in Canby!

Live Local Organic

Learn about aquaponics farming and the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants in the system!

Kirk & Sons Hazelnuts

Learn about Oregon hazelnut production!

Arizona Citrus and Oregon Christmas Trees

Watch this multi-state virtual field trip exploring two holiday favorites citrus and Christmas trees.

Rickreall Dairy Farm- Calf Barn

Watch a re-run of the Virtual Farm Field Trip to the Rickreall Dairy Farm calf barn.

Stroda Brothers Christmas Tree Farm

Watch a re-run of the Virtual Farm Field trip at a Christmas tree farm in Cheshire, Oregon. Learn all about the different types of Christmas trees, how to grow them and watch the helicopter harvest!

Beef Production

Take a Virtual Farm Field Trip to Mitchell and Prineville, OR to learn about beef production in Oregon from birth to the feedlot!

Rickreall Dairy Farm- Tank Room, Milking Parlor, and Cow Barns

Watch a re-run of the Virtual Farm Field trip to the Rickreall Dairy tank room, milking parlor and cow barn!

Rickreall Dairy Farm- The Scoop on Cow Nutrition

Follow along on this Virtual Farm Field Trip to hear all about dairy cow nutrition!

PreK-2nd grade Rickreall Dairy Calf Barn Tour

Take a Virtual Field Trip to the state of the art calf barn at Rickreall Diary in Rickreall, Oregon to learn all about calf care!

Pre K-2nd grade Rickreall Dairy Cow Barn Tour

Take a Virtual Field Trip to Rickreall Dairy in Rickreall, Oregon! Learn about cow care, feed, how milk is made AND how to exercise like a farmer!

National AITC Virtual Farm Field Trip Resources!

Visit the students center at National Agriculture in the Classroom to view Virtual Tours of different commodities from around the country! 

Rickreall Dairy Virtual Field Trip- Animal Care

Virtually visit Oregon’s Rickreall Dairy Farm to learn about technology, innovation and sustainability on a dairy farm. This tour is designed for middle and high school students to learn more about an Oregon dairy farm.

Oregon Blueberry Picking

Did you know that Oregon produces a quarter of the nation’s blueberries or wonder how Oregon Blueberries can be harvested? Come see at Tom’s Berry Patch to learn.