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Are you passionate about agricultural education and advocacy?

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom has many opportunities for CTE educators and students!

You can make a difference in your community by helping fellow students and community members learn more about Oregon agriculture through hands-on, fun and engaging activities!

Lesson Plans/Curriculum Matrix

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom offers searchable, standards-based lesson plans for K-12 teachers. Lesson plans can be accessed directly from our website and are aligned with Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and Oregon Social Studies standards. Under our lesson plans tab, find Oregon specific lesson plans and a link to the Curriculum Matrix, a curriculum database provided by National Agriculture in the classroom.

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Literacy Project

It’s easy to connect to your local elementary schools and present our annual Literacy Project.
This is a great opportunity to teach agriculture literacy to the next generation.

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Career Guides

Oregon’s agricultural landscape is one of the most diverse in the United States. With an array of commodities comes a variety of different career opportunities. In Oregon, there are over 326,000 full-time and part-time jobs in agriculture, with plenty of opportunities for young people. Use our resources to help expose students to potential career pathways within agriculture. z

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Career Videos
Career Guide E-Book
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Virtual Field Trips

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to offer Virtual Field Trips! This gives teachers the chance to take their students on a field trip to learn about agriculture in Oregon without even leaving the classroom.

Virtual Field Trips are FREE and a fun and engaging way for students to interact with farmers in REAL TIME! All that is needed to participate is stable internet connection and projection capabilities in your classroom.

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Current Events

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom collaborates with the Capital Press to provide you with the Current Events in Agriculture project. This projects provides educators with a weekly activity featuring an up-to-date news story about various facets of agriculture. It emphasizes reading newspaper articles, then answering questions requiring critical thinking from Knowledge and Comprehension to Analysis and Evaluation. Sign up to have this activity sent weekly to your email inbox!

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Kits and Lending Library

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom has a collection of over 400 resources including ready-to-use kits, books, posters, supplemental activities and more, free to use by Oregon educators. Browse our collection and discover resources to engage and excite students.

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Educator Workshops

Interested in incorporating agriculture, natural resources and the environment into your classroom but not quite sure how? Let us help get you started with a teacher training.

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom staff will travel across the state to provide educators with resources and materials that integrate agriculture into existing curriculum. Lessons and activities are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Oregon Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Several hands-on activities, new resources and ideas are provided at these interactive workshops.

Workshops and resources are provided free of charge and schools and school districts may request a workshop customized to meet their needs.

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Literature Circles Guide

Using agriculture as a contextual theme in literature circles allows students to choose publications on a variety of different subjects and encourages classroom discussion on common connections between the texts. The Agricultural Reading Recommendations offer diverse perspectives on stewardship of the land and the effects on a character’s lifestyle, values and identity. Literature circles provide students the opportunity to explore texts of their interest engaging them in effective student-centered learning. This reinforces comprehension, analysis and evaluation.

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