Oregon Resources

Oregon is one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the nation. We have great resources to learn more about Oregon agriculture.


Click the buttons to be taken to these resources and more. Oregon Grown Commodities takes you to landing page where you can explore some of the 220 commodities produced.  Get Oregonized is a history book for students 3-5th, focusing on Oregon’s history and regions.  The Grown in Oregon Map features the seven growing regions of the state, and highlights the top commodities of each county.

Check out this cool 3D model of Oregon’s top agricultural commodities! Follow links to OSU Extension pages for even MORE information!

“Oregon agriculture is immense, earning more than $4 billion in gross sales for more than 220 commodities. With education and programs such as small farms, pest management workshops, product innovation and new crop trials, Oregon State engages with people in all parts of Oregon agriculture and plays a critical role in improving product quality, production methods and producer profitabilitiy.”

-Alan Dennis, OSU Extension

Discover even more about Oregon agriculture with Oregon AITC resouces:


Interactive Grown in Oregon Map

Explore Oregon’s vast agricultural diversity with our interactive map.  This resource showcases the seven different growing regions in the state of Oregon. By clicking on these growing regions, students will learn about the various characteristics that allow for different types of commodities to be produced in each region. Students can also learn about all 30 of the agricultural commodities featured on the map by simply clicking the icon. Virtual and educational videos are also displayed for students to watch and enjoy!

Oregon Grown Commodities

Oregon produces over 220 different commodities. Explore our pages that highlight the variety of agricultural products grown and raised within our state. Each page includes the importance to Oregon, history, how it is grown and harvested, and a recipe. Current pages include beef cattle, hazelnuts, potatoes, wheat, cranberries, and more. We are always working on adding new commodity pages, so check back often.

Get Oregonized

Get Oregonized is a history book written for students in grades three, four and five studying Oregon’s history and regions. The text is designed to help students understand and appreciate the rich history, people and natural resources that shaped the state of Oregon. Maps, illustrations and photographs complement the easy to read text. Classroom sets or individual copies can be purchased through Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.

Grown in Oregon Map

This beautiful 36 X 24 inch full color Oregon map features the leading and unique commodities grown in the state’s seven regions. It is an excellent tool to bring the story of Oregon’s agricultural diversity to the classroom. The map helps students visualize where things are grown in our state and why. It is a great tool for teaching regions. It can be used to learn about counties, or for starting a discussion on nutrition and the abundance of healthy produce in our state.