Helping students grow in their knowledge of agriculture

Mission Statement: We are dedicated to helping students grow in their knowledge of agriculture, the environment, and natural resources for the benefit of Oregonians today and in the future.

Agriculture in the Classroom is a nationwide educational program designed to help students develop an awareness and understanding that agriculture is the source of our food, clothing, shelter and other essentials. In Oregon, the program is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) foundation. The College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University (OSU) provides office space on the OSU campus.

Program Impact

The Oregon AITC Foundation provides curriculum, resources and training to K-12 teachers. The program promotes using agriculture to teach science, math, history and nutrition across existing curriculum. AITC’s resources are standards-based and use an integrated, hands-on approach to learning.

AITC impacted more than 190,000 students across the state during the last school year. AITC works with public, private and home school teachers, as well as after school programs. It maintains an extensive website with a Free Loan Library, and free hands-on lessons and activities available to all Oregon educators.

Additionally, AITC has an e-newsletter that is distributed monthly and an annual resource newsletter distributed in September.