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Lesson Overview
  • 30 Minutes
  • 4,9
  • 2nd - 6th Grade
  • State Standards:
    CCSS: 3.RI.7, 3.L.4, 3-5.SL.1, 11-12.W.8, 9-10.W.8, 8.W.8, 7.W.8, 6.W.8, 5.W. 8, 4.W.8 NGSS: K-2-ETS1-1 Social Sciences: 3.12, 4.18

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Materials List
  • Ag Networking Kit*
  • Lunch bags or boxes labeled with 6 F’s of Oregon Agriculture
  • Career cards: 40 different careers with titles and pictures to fit within
    each of the 6 F’s of Oregon agriculture

Agricultural Networking

Categories: Kits , Introduction to Agriculture , Spanish

This exciting role-playing lesson opens students’ eyes to all of the many people that grow, research, process, and transport food, fiber, and wood products. This lesson will inspire students about the potential of working in agriculture.

Here is a video briefly demonstrating this lesson.



For full instructions, please download the pdf.

1)Describe the 6 F’s of Agriculture on the paper bags, and discuss related jobs. The 6 F’s are Food, Farming, Fishing, Flowers, Fiber and Forestry.
2) Place 6 F’s of Agriculture bags or boxes around classroom.
3) Distribute one career card to each student.
4) Have students sort their cards in the bag they think is the best category for their career.
5) After all the cards have been sorted, work through each bag, briefly describing the careers, and discussing why the card goes in the category it belongs.
6) After you have reviewed the sorted cards, collect the cards, shuffle, and re-distribute one per student again. Have students find 1 other classmate (for younger grades) or 3 other classmates (for older grades) that they would likely do business with if they had this job.
7) Ask each group how they would work together to process their product or meet goals.