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Living Necklace

Grow your own necklace! This kit contains materials for your students to plant a seed in a jewel bag attached to yarn, thus creating a “living necklace.”

Growing Bracelets

Students learn what a plant need to grow and thrive, represented by a growing bracelet; each different colored bead is what a plant needs to live, and pipe-cleaner is the plant.

Garden in a Glove

Students will get to learn how different seeds germinate and grow!

Turf Buddies

This fun hands-on activity is a great way for students to learn about germination and watch grass grow. Students fill a nylon full of soil, a sprinkle of grass seed, and watch as their buddy grows “hair”.

Propagation and Regeneration

While most plants grow from seeds, many can also be grown from bulbs, tubers or stem cuttings. This is called vegetative propagation. It is used in agriculture for growing many types of plants in the nursery and greenhouse industry, as well as for raising crops like potatoes and garlic.

Give Me 5

Students learn about the five food groups and what Oregon grown foods fit into each group. This lesson makes a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Busy Bees

This kit allows students to “become” bees and pollinate different Oregon crops.

Fish Prints

After studying fish and their lifecycles in Oregon’s Interior Valleys (chapter 7) in the Get Oregonized text, rubber fish replicas allow students to create beautiful Gyotaku (fish prints). These rubber fish replicas are of Chinook salmon, perfect for after a lesson on the state fish!

Wool Spinning

Students will get hooked on wool spinning as they learn about wool and where it comes from. Using carded wool and spinning hooks, students will create friendship bracelets to wear home!

Physical Changes of Matter and Ice Cream

This lesson is a delicious way to teach students about one type of physical change that matter can under go – liquids transforming into a solid.