Lesson Overview

 120 Minutes

 1, 4, 5, 9

 4th - 12th Grade

 State Standards:
State Standards: Science: 4.3-H.3 Engineering Design: 4.4-H.4

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Materials List

  • Weatherization worksheet for student
  • Weatherization worksheet for teacher

From Rocks to Soil

Categories: Chemistry , Science , Soils

In this lesson students explore weatherization (physical and chemical) by doing a series of short experiments that demonstrate how rocks and minerals are broken down into soil. Expand this lesson further by taking students on a field trip to look for rocks breaking down into soil.


Option 1

  • Set up five experiment stations based on the activities below. Have students work in small groups, record their findings at each station, then complete the Weatherization worksheet.
  • Plan for about 10 minutes per station.
  • When everyone has done all the experiments, assign each group one of the activities to present and explain to the class.

Option 2

  • Break students into groups. Assign each group one of the activities below.
  • After completing the experiment once on their own, each group will then demonstrate their activity for the class and explain what is happening and how it relates to soils formation.

Weatherization worksheet for students

Weatherization worksheet for teachers

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