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Lesson Plan Categories
This two part hands-on lesson teaches students what the soil is made of in their area and what a local soil profile looks like. A student reading sheet Soil Horizons & Oregon’s State Soil follows this lesson. It is an excellent tool to reinforce key concepts about soil horizons and the state soil.
Water Filtering and Soil

60 min lesson

This hands-on experiment demonstrates soil’s function as a water filter, as well as other physics concepts like hydrophobicity, soil absorption and adsorption, soil as a storage container for water, and the positive and negative charges of soil and contaminants.
From Rocks to Soil

120 min lesson

In this lesson students explore weatherization (physical and chemical) by doing a series of short experiments that demonstrate how rocks and minerals are broken down into soil. Expand this lesson further by taking students on a field trip to look for rocks breaking down into soil.
Students learn about the small fraction of the planet available for growing food and ways this precious area can be protected. This two-part lesson is an excellent way to introduce students to the importance of preserving soil and soil’s role in feeding 7+ billion people.
Oregon had good soil, air, and water, and everyone wants to keep it that way!