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Lesson Overview
  • 60 Minutes
  • 5, 9
  • K - 2nd Grade
  • State Standards:
    NGSS: K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, 1-LS1-1, 2-LS2-1 CCSS: L.K.5, SL.K.1, SL.K.5, SL.1.4,

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Materials List

Growing Bracelets Kit 

  • Pipe cleaners- 1 per student
  • 6 colored beads per student


Companion Book:
Apples to Oregon

Growing Bracelets

Categories: Kits , Agriculture , Plants , Soils

Apples to Oregon, written by Oregon author Deborah Hopkinson, is a delightful tall tale containing the best elements of a good “whopper.” After reading the book, students make “growing” bracelets and learn about the basic elements plants really need to grow and thrive.


  • Each student receives a pipe cleaner and six beads (blue, brown, clear, yellow, green, and red).
  • Ask students to choose the sunshine bead (yellow).
  • Have them place the bead on their pipe cleaner, and give them facts about the sun.
  • Continue with the next three beads – brown (soil), blue (water), and clear (air). These four beads represent the essential elements plants need to live.
  • Next, have them put the green bead on for the plant. Finally, have them add the red bead, which represents the care and nurturing that goes into raising plants. Connect the care shown for the trees in Apples to Oregon to the red bead.

For full instructions, please download our PDF.