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Lesson Plan Categories
The Apple Farming Game

45 min lesson

Throughout the years, farmers have dealt with a wide range of challenges. In this activity students will experience the challenges of modern-day farmers through a simulation card game. Students will discover the work required and choices made for the food they eat.
Agricultural Networking

30 min lesson

This exciting role-playing lesson opens students' eyes to all of the many people that grow, research, process, and transport food, fiber, and wood products. This lesson will inspire students about the potential of working in agriculture.
Milk Matters

60 min lesson

Students discover the many different aspects of life on a dairy farm. From investigating the historical significance of dairy breeds to conquering mathematical business challenges, students will understand why milk matters.
Edible Soil Layers

45 min lesson

Create these edible dirt cakes for a special classroom event or for a celebration at the end of your plant unit.
Grow an Apple Fungus

600 min lesson

Students grow mold on apple slices to simulate fungus diseases that attack apple trees. Students apply various “treatments” to apple slices, hypothesize which places and treatments are ideal for growing molds, and observe and name the molds like a plant pathologist
Oregon had good soil, air, and water, and everyone wants to keep it that way!
Sing with your students about apples. These songs are engaging and easy to learn. They are a great match to the book Apples to Oregon!
While pumpkins are called vegetables, they are actually fruits. Technically, a fruit is the edible fleshy part of the plant that surrounds the seeds. In this activity students investigate the insides of these fruits, what the cavities look like, how seeds are attached at the ribs, and the number of seeds in pumpkins of different sizes.
This is a fun and surprising activity. Use pumpkins and other objects to teach students why objects float or sink in water.
Pumpkins are a great manipulative for math and science exploration. These activities are ideal to follow up field trips and make the most of the natural connections between pumpkins and math and science.