Lesson Overview

 30 Minutes

 1, 3, 5

 4th - 7th Grade

 State Standards:
Science: Scientific Inquiry: 4.1-7.1

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Materials List

  • Onion
  • Apple
  • Handkerchief (or something that could be used as a blindfold)
  • Knife

Onion and Apple Sense Experiment

Categories: Plants

Apples and onions are agricultural products. It is easy to tell the difference between them, just with our sense of taste. Yet, our visual and smell of the food affects what it tastes like. This lesson teaches students the importance of our senses interacting with each other when eating and finding distinguishable taste differences.


  • Chop up small bits of the apple and onion.
  • Be sure to remove peeling and skin.
  • Blindfold a student and have them hold their nose.
  • Give the student a bite of the apple.
  • Give the student a bite of the onion.

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