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Grade Level
Family Tree Worksheet

30 min lesson

Work with your parents to identify your family members and where they originated. Focus on your heritage and family foundation.

Play this Oregon history game featured in the Get Oregonized history book.

Answers to the Get Oregonized History Game.

Gyotaku – Fish Prints

45 min lesson

Gyotaku (pronounced GEE–OH–TAH–KOO) is the traditional Japanese art of fish printing on rice paper. The word gyotaku comes from gyo = fish and taku = stone monument rubbing. Gyotaku dates back to the mid-1800s. The fish prints were a way fishermen could record the size and type of their catches. In this lesson students make their own fish prints.

Historical reading about Henderson Luelling and his orchard.

Complete you family tree in this lesson by listing each individuals occupation.

The Oregon state flag is full of symbolism, some flag experts (vexillologists) say too much. This project teaches students about the flag and the meaning of its many parts. After, enjoy a trivia game and learn about Oregon’s geography, state symbols, and some historical facts. Templates to make question and answer card sets and a post quiz are attached.