Professional Development Workshops

2023-24 Professional Development

November 2023
Cheese is Whey Cool!
Date: Thursday, November 16 | 4:00 – 5:00 PM PST |
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Learn the chemistry of cheese-making! Participants of this workshop will explore the science connections behind cheesemaking and will be provided with materials to make mozzarella cheese in the classroom with students! To receive the materials, participants must be present during the live virtual professional development. Apply now!
Sponsored by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council.

January 2024
Sprouting Seeds to Microgreens!
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Garnish your math and science curriculum with sweet or spicy microgreens! Participants will explore a tasty way to introduce life cycles and mathematical concepts through real-life applications. This mini workshop will provide an engaging way to explore cross-curricular concepts while providing fundamental knowledge of the growth, production and harvesting of microgreens in the classroom.

February 2024
Classroom Greenhouse
Location: Salem
Grow plants in your classroom with a pop-up greenhouse! Participants in this workshop will receive a classroom greenhouse and materials to start seeding plants in your classroom.

March 2024
Exploring Aquaponics
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Learn about aquaponics and the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish! Participants of this workshop will receive a FREE aquaponics system and curriculum materials to be used in their classroom. This workshop is open to educators K-12 with Next Generation Science Standards aligned curriculum.

April 2024
The Buzz about Bees
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Explore the anatomical features of honey bees and learn about the process of creating honey. Participants will get the opportunity to talk to a bee keeper.  Upon completion of the workshop, teachers will receive materials to make beeswax modeling clay and a hive learning model to teach students about caring for bees. Curriculum will be geared towards students in grades K-5.

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