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K - 3rd

Weaving The Rainbow

George Ella Lyon

Categories: Animals

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Lyon  follows wool from sheep to loom, tracing the birth of a tapestry. In her first picture book, Anderson’s sharp-edged yet airy illustrations show a weaver and her flock of white sheep, whom Lyon calls, mysteriously, “rainbow sheep.” For their first year, Lyon concedes in graceful free verse, they were white. “But,” she says, against a spread of sheep gazing toward the setting sun, “they were getting closer to the rainbow.” This portentous phrase is left to resonate while Lyon describes the shearing, then the fleece itself: “White and springy this fleece, but carrying it from the pasture the weaver sees rainbows.” As the weaver gathers plants and as the artwork depicts her hands preparing to drop the plants into steaming vats, readers realize the rainbow will appear when the wool is dyed; a magnificent spread shows the drying skeins hanging among blossoming apples trees. The weaver warps her loom and begins to weave—and the subject of the tapestry turns out to be ewes and lambs in a colorful pasture. This book will need to be returned.

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