Oregon Geology and Geography Unit

Oregon Caves

Oregon's Fantastic Geology

Place matters. It helps ground us, gives us a sense of home, history and often pride. Oregon, with its amazing diversity of landscape and culture, is a rich place to live and grow up.

This unit contains readings on Oregon’s dramatic and often violent geological history that continues to affect the places we live today and how we interact with our environment. There are also lessons and resources to help students learn about current physical and social geography of the state.

Reading material, maps, images, state standards and handouts to support these lessons can be found in the resources section.

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Oregon Geology Gallery

Oregon Caves
Becon Rock
Cannon Beach
Collier Glacier
Columbia River
Current Ripples
Erosion Canyon
Glacier Rock
Hat Rock
Hat Rock
Road Heave
Sandstone Cliff
Lake Missoula
Mt. Hood
Snake River
Snake River Canyon
Rock Split by Tree
Coast Pillow Basalt
Crater Lake
Three Sisters
Mt. Saint Helen
Mt Saint Helen
Missoula Flood and Path Map
Rain Shadow Diagram
Pleistonsine Map
Basalt Map