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K - 5th

Living Necklace Kit

Categories: Gardening, General Agriculture, Literacy Project Books

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Living Necklace Kit

Grow your own necklace! This kit contains materials for your students to plant a seed in a jewel bag attached to yarn, thus creating a “living necklace.” Given time and water, the necklace will be alive with a growing sprout in a few days. An excellent activity for teaching plant growth requirements. Kit includes: yarn, cotton ball, bean seed and plastic bag. Click here for lesson plan. Please check the book out separately.

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Teacher Reviews

2 Reviews
  • S. Smith says:

    Very easy to use, even with young children! Kids were excited to make these and also excited the following week to tell me their beans had sprouted. Adults liked the idea as well.

  • S. Nicoli says:

    I have used the Living Necklace Kit more than once. It never ceases to amaze me how exciting this is for 2nd graders! I love it especially because all the materials come ready to use!

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