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Lesson Overview
  • 45 Minutes
  • 4, 5
  • K - 2nd Grade
  • State Standards:
    CCSS: K.RL.1, K.RL.3, K.RL.10, K.SL.2, K.SL.6, 1.RL., 1.SL.2,2.RL.2, 2.SL.2 NGSS: K-LS1-1

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Materials List

A is for Apples Kit* or:
Per Student
• apple cutout
• 5.5”x 8.5” beige paper
• five tear drop brown paper cutouts
Apple Parts Card page
• glue (not included)
• scissors (not included)

A is for Apples

Categories: Easy Do-at-Home Activity , Primary Literacy , Kits , Introduction to Agriculture , Plants , Science

Explore the growth of apples and model the parts of an apple through a fun crafty project!

Activity Directions:
1.Read an apple themed book such as Fall Fun: Fall Apple Fun by Martha E.H Rustad or watch True Food TV’s Apple, How Does it grow? (https://youtu.be/UWLmEh1HIBw) a short video providing information on the production of apples.

2.After reading, ask students the following questions:
a. Where do apples grow?
b. What colors can apples be?
c. What are apples used for?

3.After reading the book and answering the questions, explain to students they will be learning more about apples.

4.Explain to the students that they will be making a paper model of the parts of an apple.
Optional: Create an example to show the students what they will be creating.

5.Provide each student with an apple cutout, a piece of the beige paper, five tear drop brown paper cutouts and the Apple Parts Cards page. Have them cut the apple in half and then cut the straight edge of the top and bottom like bite to represent the apple’s skin.

6. Then, glue the top and bottom of the apple on each end of the beige rectangle, which represents the apple’s flesh.

7.After, glue the five tear drop brown paper cutouts to the flesh of the apple, which represents the seeds of the apple.

8.Cut out the Apple Parts Cards. Read the cards together and have the students label each part of their apple by gluing the cards in place.

The skin covers and protects the apple’s flesh and seeds.
The flesh is the sweet part of the apple.
The stem is what attaches the apple to the apple tree, bringing water and nutrients to the apple.
The seeds can be used to grow new apple trees.
The calyx is what is left of the apple blossom.
The leaf uses energy from the sun to give the apple tree food to grow apples.

9. Review the parts of the apple with students asking them to point to each part as you say it. Then, ask them to describe the part and its importance.