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Lesson Overview
  • 30 Minutes
  • K - 5th Grade
  • State Standards:
    ART: VA.2.CR2.K; VA.2.CR2.1-3

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Materials List

Wool Spinning Kit*
Carded wool*
Spinning hooks (one per student)*


*Provided by Oregon AITC Wool Spinning Kit

Wool Spinning

Categories: Kits , Social Studies , Animals

Students will get hooked on wool spinning as they learn about wool and where it comes from. Using carded wool and spinning hooks, students will create friendship bracelets to wear home! Also, check out Weaving the Rainbow, an excellent companion book for this activity available from the AITC Free Loan Library.


1. Give each student a piece of carded wool approximately ¼” wide and 14” long. Fold about ½” of wool over the end of the spinning hook and begin spinning.
2. Back your non-spinning hand out as the wool is spun; this is called drafting.
3. Draft out the wool so that the spun wool is taut but not bumpy. If you get twisted bumps in your spun yarn, let out more unspun wool. When you have twisted the entire length of the wool, don’t let go—it will unspin. You are ready to ply your yarn!
4. Plying the yarn will keep it from unspinning and make it stronger. Plying is the twisting together of two single strands of spun wool. Have someone hold the center of the twisted wool while you hold the ends.
5. Bring the ends of the wool together in one hand so that there are two strands side-by-side. Have your helper let go, and let the wool twist together. It should spring into a twisted strand. The double strand is now called plied yarn.
6. Tie the plied yarn around your wrist to form a friendship bracelet.