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Lesson Plan Categories
Grade Level
A Day Without Dairy

70 min lesson

Students discover the economic importance of the dairy industry and analyze the consequences of not having dairy.

Ag Tag Matching Game

45 min lesson

Reinforce this message with the Ag Tag Matching Game. It links commodities to their many by-products and shows how even “waste” materials can be made into something useful.

At Home on the Range

90 min lesson

Students will learn about rangelands by participating in a hands-on activity of growing their own grass to represent a beef cattle or sheep ranch.

Busy Bees

45 min lesson

Bees are some of the most important pollinators for our plants and crops. They are responsible for pollinating many crops that we enjoy such as apples, oranges, carrots, broccoli and over 100 other crops! In this lesson students explore concepts such as pollination and cross pollination between plants through a fun simulation.

This is a two-part lesson that can be done over a week. It begins by using vinegar to dissolve an egg’s shell (dissolution) without breaking the membrane that contains the egg. The shell-less eggs are used in the second part of the experiment to study osmosis, the movement of water across a membrane

Students will explore the costs associated with their desired futuristic lifestyle while identifying potential agricultural careers available to them in Oregon that align with their interests.

Students learn about a day in the life of a farmer and grain practice in reading, writing and telling time.

Google Slides Student Worksheets Available for elearning purposes.

Hungry Planet

120 min lesson

Students will explore nutritional habits of families from different countries. In this activity, students will recognize agriculture’s influence on food systems across the globe.


This lesson is a fun and tasty way to introduce students to dichotomous keys and how to create their own keys using snack packs of nuts, dried fruit, or chips. Non-food items like pens/pencils work well, and avoid allergens.

The Mystery Ration

90 min lesson

Discover the nutrient requirements of dairy cows! Students will collaborate in teams to unlock feed examples through a series of escape boxes. As students work to unlock each escape box, they will be tasked with calculating rations using the Pearson Square method to provide a balanced meal for dairy cows to enjoy!