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1st - 4th

Calling the Doves/El Canto de las Palomas

Juan Felipe Herrerra

Categories: Careers , General Agriculture , Seasonal

Resource Description

“Poet Juan Felipe Herrera’s bilingual memoir paints a vivid picture of his migrant farmworker childhood. His rich, evocative prose re-creates the joy of eating under the open sky, celebrating at a fiesta with other farm families, and listening to his mother singing Mexican songs and his father calling the doves.

Las memorias bilingües del poeta Juan Felipe Herrerra pintan una imagen vívida de su infancia campesina. Su prosa profunda y evocadora recrea la alegría de comer bajo el cielo abierto, de celebrar una fiesta con otras familias de agricultores, y de escuchar a su madre cantando canciones mexicanas y su padre llamando a las palomas. “

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