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Agriculture surrounds us and is utilized by us everyday! In this activity, students explore Oregon agriculture through a series of scavenger hunt quests related to Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom’s “Grown in Oregon” map.

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Oregon farmers and ranchers grow and produce more than 220 different commodities. In fact, Oregon is in the top 3 states for most diverse crops, climates, topography, and agriculture variety. This worksheet, ABCs of Oregon Agriculture, will teach students about the amazing agricultural diversity.

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Match by-products to their source in this lesson.

Use this activity to match baby animals with their parent animals.

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Students will explore the costs associated with their desired futuristic lifestyle while identifying potential agricultural careers available to them in Oregon that align with their interests.

Students will explore a foodborne illness outbreak in the role of an Foodborne Illness Investigator (FBII). Using a game simulation, students will determine the type of foodborne illness through the riboprinting of patients and potential contamination sources. Students will then develop their own investigation, identifying a food of their interest and create a safety protocol to prevent potential contaminants.

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Students will learn where honey comes from…all over the world.

The Great Pumpkin Story

30 min lesson

Students describe the life cycle of the pumpkin by slowly pulling the seed, leaf, flowers and growing pumpkins from their very own, handmade Jack-o’-lantern. A great activity to wrap up a pumpkin lesson around Halloween.

They’re the only living things that make their own food. Not only that, but they are the source of all food for every other living thing. What are they? Plants! This lesson makes the connection that people have to plants.

The Perfect Flower

60 min lesson

Students will explore external anatomical parts of a flower and the key principles of Pollination.

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