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GeoFest 2022

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Lesson Plans: Curriculum Matrix, Oregon Lessons

Program Overview
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Annual Literacy Project
Spanish Translated Lessons
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Professional Development
“Grown in Oregon” map: Poster, Interactive Map,  Regions Student Handout, MyPlate Student Handout

Lesson Exploration:
 The Columbian Exchange
Cultures, Food and Communities Around the World
“Grown in Oregon” map Scavenger Hunt


Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Conference

Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Conference Powerpoint

Overview of Agriculture and Program Resources
Source Relay
Defining Agriculture, 6 F’s of Agriculture
Hungry Planet
Free Loan Library- Books
Free Loan Library- Kits
Calendar Art Contest
Get Oregonized History Book

Small Group Activities
Busy Bees
Germination: Garden in a GloveLiving Necklace, and Growing Bracelets
Soil Nutrients
World Food Map
Water Filtering & Soil