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Hiromi's Hands

Lynne Barasch

Categories: Animals , Careers , Foods & Nutrition , Washington County Library

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Growing up in New York City, Hiromi Suzuki missed spending time with her father, a sushi chef who worked long hours in the family’s Japanese restaurant. So one day when she was eight years old, Hiromi begged her father to take her to the Fulton Fish Market, where he bought fresh fish. Hiromi was fascinated by what she saw and learned; and by the time she was thirteen, she asked her father to teach her to make sushi. Hiromi eventually mastered every kind of sushi and started working as a chef in 1996. She was one of a handful of female sushi chefs at the time, a true culinary pioneer in the once all-male world of sushi chefs. Hiromi’s Hands is the story of a young girl’s determination to follow her dream, and a tribute to the loving family who supported her. This is a great addition to a unit on careers in the food system!

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