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Utilize this inquiry box with our past virtual field trip video to Rickreall Dairy. In this box, you will find materials for the Blue’s the Clue: Souring Milk for Science lesson. This lab introduces students to the effect temperature has on reducing and controlling the growth of bacteria. Students will use conventionally pasteurized and ultra-high-temperature (UHT) milk to observe how different temperatures (hot, room temperature, cool, and freezing) affect the growth of spoilage bacteria. They will also learn about the importance of pasteurization in keeping food safe. Materials provided include test tube stands with test tubes, graduated cylinders, methylene blue, carton of UHT milk, and pipettes. Materials are provided for 6 groups of students.

Find the a link to the virtual field trip video and lesson plan here.

Materials will be provided for 30 students. Due to grant funding restrictions, this resource is only available to classrooms and not individual students.


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Have your students learn how to make a dichotomous key through mints. In each student bag you will receive 5 different mints which you will distribute, then conduct a lesson on.

Use this link, scroll down and select which of the several lesson delivery options you would like.


Your kit includes:
– 5 Different mints sealed in a bag

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Total Available: 100 (of 100)

Peppermint oil is provided for making peppermints from the No Cook Peppermints lesson.

1-2 drops of oil will make approximately 75 candies.

**No need to return the vial.

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Apples to Oregon

Deborah Hopkinson

This book is based on the true story of Henderson Luelling, who in 1837 brought his family of ten, plus 700 of his best fruit trees and berry bushes, over the Oregon Trail to the Portland area. His was the first nursery in the state. A great way for teacher’s to celebrate Oregon’s 150th birthday. The companion book to the Growing Bracelets lesson plan and the Growing Bracelets Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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Total Available: 976 (of 1000)

Help students learn the importance of a well-balanced diet and introduce or reinforce the five food groups with this kit. The kit includes the lesson, 46 full-color food cards and five bags each labeled with one food group. You can also download the cards here. This kit does not need to be returned.

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Total Available: 996 (of 1000)

This hands-on activity helps students understand that before an item ever leaves a factory, or enters a store, it began as a resource or product in the natural world – most likely agriculture. Kit includes lesson, brown paper bags, and cards for matching with the bags. Click here for the lesson. For grades K-3, pair this activity with the Eric Carle book Pancakes, Pancakes! This kit does not need to be returned. 

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Total Available: 970 (of 1000)

Students learn about the five food groups and what Oregon grown foods fit into each group. This lesson makes a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The lesson goes with the Literacy Project book, Who Grew My Soup? This kit comes with everything that students need. Click here for the lesson. Please check the book out separately.

This kit does not need to be returned.

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.

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1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving

Catherine O'Neil Grace, Margaret M. Bruchac, Plimoth Plantation

Countering the prevailing, traditional story of the first Thanksgiving, with its black-hatted, silver-buckled Pilgrims; blanket-clad, be-feathered Indians, this lushly illustrated photo-essay presents a more measured, balanced, and historically accurate version of the three-day harvest celebration in 1621. Pair this with resources teaching about harvest traditions specific to Oregon tribes!

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A Pocketful of Goobers

Barbara Mitchell

This book relates the scientific efforts of George Washington Carver, especially his production of more than 300 uses for the peanut.

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Bread, Bread, Bread

Ken Hayman

From sliced bread to tortillas to baguettes, wherever there are people, someone is eating bread. Come explore the world of bread in this book full of photographs and see how people eat – and live – the world over.