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This is a wonderful collection of gardening projects for children. Twelve spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that teachers and students can grow together. The beautiful illustrations will motivate you to start your own garden.

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Through this hands-on, minds-on program, youth get the basics of botany, the gist of gardening, the essentials of ecology and much more. Award winning activity guide is an excellent resource.

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Grow your own necklace! This kit contains materials for your students to plant a seed in a jewel bag attached to yarn, thus creating a “living necklace.” Given time and water, the necklace will be alive with a growing sprout in a few days. An excellent activity for teaching plant growth requirements. Kit includes: yarn, cotton ball, bean seed and plastic bag. Click here for lesson plan. Please check the book out separately.

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.

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Who Grew My Soup?

Tom Darbyshire

Who Grew My Soup? is a delightful story about a boy named Phineas who declares he won’t eat his soup until he knows where it came from. The companion book to the Give Me Five! lesson plan and the Give Me Five! Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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Lily’s Garden

Deborah Kogan Ray

In January, Lily receives a box of fresh oranges from her grandmother in California. In February, Lily sends her grandmother maple syrup from the trees on her family farm in Maine. And so the year goes on through the pages of this warmly illustrated picture book.

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Harvest Year

Cris Peterson

A photographic essay about foods that are harvested year-round in the United States.

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Oh Say Can You Seed?

Bonnie Worth

I’m the Cat in the Hat, and I think that you need to come take a look at this thing called a seed. This non-fiction book introduces beginning readers to seeds and plant life cycles. The companion book to the Living Necklace lesson plan and the Living Necklace Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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The Garden Classroom

Cathy James

Packed with garden-based activities that promote science, math, reading, writing, imaginative play, and arts and crafts, The Garden Classroom offers a whole year of outdoor play and learning ideas—however big or small your garden.

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An Earthworm’s Life

John Himmelman

Have you ever wondered how many nature’s smallest creatures spend their days? Here’s your chance to take a scientifically accurate peek at the world from their point of view.

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David Swartz

Learn about the life cycle of a ladybug; full-color photographs and understandable text makes this a quick, informative, and fun read for beginning readers.