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This beautiful 36 X 24 inch full color Oregon map features the leading and unique commodities grown in the state’s seven regions. It is an excellent tool to bring the story of Oregon’s agricultural diversity to the classroom.

The Grown in Oregon Map helps students visualize where things are grown in our state and why. It is a great tool for teaching regions. It can be used to learn about counties, or for starting a discussion on nutrition and the abundance of healthy produce in our state.

Maps are free to Oregon teachers. This item does not need to be returned.

Non-teachers pay $10 for shipping and handling costs. To order map, Click HERE


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The Berry Book

Gail Gibbons

This book is a cheery, fact-filled, highly recommended picture book for young people who are just beginning to learn reading. All sorts of different edible berries are pictured with simple, cheery, full-color illustrations. From strawberries and blueberries to gooseberries and wintergreen berries, just about every berry type is presented for inquiring young minds.

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Pioneer Farm Cooking

Mary Gunderon

Bring interest in history to a rolling boil with this book of simple recipes and history! By making foods from various time periods in U.S. history, readers will learn what those times were like.

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Pancakes, Pancakes!

Eric Carle

Pancakes, Pancakes! by children’s author and artist Eric Carle is about a boy named Jack who wakes up hungry and wants some pancakes for breakfast. BUT, first Jack has to gather wheat from the farmer, flour from the miller, eggs from the chickens, and milk from the cow. The companion book to the Breakfast Relay lesson plan and the Breakfast Relay Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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Who Grew My Soup?

Tom Darbyshire

Who Grew My Soup? is a delightful story about a boy named Phineas who declares he won’t eat his soup until he knows where it came from. The companion book to the Give Me Five! lesson plan and the Give Me Five! Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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Apples to Oregon

Deborah Hopkinson

This book is based on the true story of Henderson Luelling, who in 1837 brought his family of ten, plus 700 of his best fruit trees and berry bushes, over the Oregon Trail to the Portland area. His was the first nursery in the state. A great way for teacher’s to celebrate Oregon’s 150th birthday. The companion book to the Growing Bracelets lesson plan and the Growing Bracelets Kit. Please check the kit out separately.

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Harvest Year

Cris Peterson

A photographic essay about foods that are harvested year-round in the United States.

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Food and Farming


This book explains the world of food and farming with vivid pictures and clear concise text. It covers such topics as wheat, citrus fruits, pigs, underground vegetables and cocoa.

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Learn how the modern dairy farmers care for their cows and their environment. Take this virtual tour of a farm, while enjoying this entertaining and educational video, you get to see it all. Take the tour here.

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Eggs 101


For a school video project, two students investigate the egg industry. Through their educational journey, they discover how the industry has changed over the years, where it is today, and why the industry has changed. A teacher’s guide in PDF format is included on the disc and provides reviews and exercises corresponding to each chapter. This video is available on YouTube. Length: 29 minutes.