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This beautiful 36 X 24 inch full color Oregon map features the leading and unique commodities grown in the state’s seven regions. It is an excellent tool to bring the story of Oregon’s agricultural diversity to the classroom.

The Grown in Oregon Map helps students visualize where things are grown in our state and why. It is a great tool for teaching regions. It can be used to learn about counties, or for starting a discussion on nutrition and the abundance of healthy produce in our state.

Maps are free to Oregon teachers. This item does not need to be returned.

Non-teachers pay $10 for shipping and handling costs. To order map, Click HERE


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The Columbian Exchange of Old and New World Foods

Debra Spielmaker, Grace Struiksma

There are three fun activities that allow students to explore New World and Old World food origins to understand how the Colombian Exchange altered people’s lives worldwide. This kit includes a fabric map with laminated world food cards. This kit must be returned.

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These cardboard viewers are a great classroom resource for watching our 360 educational videos! These compact viewers fold out and enable students to view these videos on almost any smartphone. In order to watch the videos through the cardboard viewer, you must use the Google Cardboard Application, the Google Expeditions Application, and the YouTube Application. We recommend that you search Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom or National Agriculture in the Classroom channels through the YouTube Application. These items must be returned.

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Virtual Reality YouTube Playlist

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Cattle Kids

Cal Urbigkit

Beautiful, full-color photography illustrates this exciting portrayal of young people helping adults look after cattle, from calving and branding to haying, grazing and rounding up the herd.

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This is a wonderful collection of gardening projects for children. Twelve spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that teachers and students can grow together. The beautiful illustrations will motivate you to start your own garden.

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The Berry Book

Gail Gibbons

This book is a cheery, fact-filled, highly recommended picture book for young people who are just beginning to learn reading. All sorts of different edible berries are pictured with simple, cheery, full-color illustrations. From strawberries and blueberries to gooseberries and wintergreen berries, just about every berry type is presented for inquiring young minds.

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Through this hands-on, minds-on program, youth get the basics of botany, the gist of gardening, the essentials of ecology and much more. Award winning activity guide is an excellent resource.

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Grow your own necklace! This kit contains materials for your students to plant a seed in a jewel bag attached to yarn, thus creating a “living necklace.” Given time and water, the necklace will be alive with a growing sprout in a few days. An excellent activity for teaching plant growth requirements. Kit includes: yarn, cotton ball, bean seed and plastic bag. Click here for lesson plan. Please check the book out separately.

Please put the number of students in your class in the quantity section at checkout to ensure the correct number of supplies gets to you.

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Any young reader will be delighted to see farm kids both working and having fun with the farm animals under their care. Large print, colorful pictures and bold key words make these books easy for kids to read and understand.

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Pioneer Farm Cooking

Mary Gunderon

Bring interest in history to a rolling boil with this book of simple recipes and history! By making foods from various time periods in U.S. history, readers will learn what those times were like.