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Breakfast Relay

60 min lesson

Many students think products simply come from factories or stores. This hands-on activity helps students understand that before an item ever leaves a factory, or enters a store, it began as a resource or product in the natural world – most likely agriculture while also teaching the importance of breakfast and exercise.


*This lesson plan is similar to our Source Relay lesson plan. Click the link to check it out!

Food Group Sorting

60 min lesson

Students are constantly growing and learning new information about health and nutrition. This lesson teaches about the importance of a well-balanced diet and incorporates all five food groups. Students will participate in a hands-on activity to categorize various foods and meals into the five food groups.

Check out the adapted, online student worksheet version of this activity for elearning purposes.

Explore agriculture as an inspiration for poetry! Students will sharpen their observation, listening and vocabulary skills through writing poetry or formatting sentences featuring fruit.

Give Me Five!

45 min lesson

Students learn about the five food groups and what Oregon grown foods fit into each group. This lesson makes a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The bounty of Oregon grown foods is vast and delicious. In this lesson students will have fun making a local connection to good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Oregon Rainbow

95 min lesson

Students will make individual posters and engage in a poetry activity to learn about the importance of eating lots of different colored fruits and vegetables.

Students explore the use of beeswax, a by-product in honey production, by developing a useful beeswax product.