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Lesson Overview
  • 45 Minutes
  • 1, 3, 4, 9
  • K - 3rd Grade
  • State Standards:
    Math: K.CC.3, 1.MD.3, 2.MD.7, 3.MD.1 CCSS: K.RL.1, K.RL.10, K.RL.3, 1.RF.4a, 2.RF.4, 3.RF.4

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Materials List
  • Allison Investigates Book*
  • Farmer Smith’s Day on the Farm Reading Page
  • Farmer Smith’s Time of Day Worksheet
  • Student’s Time of Day Worksheet

Have you the time of day?

Categories: Easy Do-at-Home Activity , Math , Spanish , Agriculture , Animals

Students learn about a day in the life of a farmer and grain practice in reading, writing and telling time.

Google Slides Student Worksheets Available for elearning purposes.

Farmers work hard to provide healthy and nutritious products to their families and consumers. Many farmers have to get up very early to care for their animals or do other chores. On the dairy farm, the farmer’s work day begins and ends with milking. On other farms, the farmer may begin working in the field at first light, take a break during the heat of the day, then go back to the field in the late afternoon.


1) Read aloud the story Allison investigates to give students some background knowledge on dairy Farmering. Talk about some of the daily chores the Farmer Mike in the story has to do daily.
2) Then read the reading page titled Farmer Smith’s Day on the Farm as a class. Provide each student with a copy of the story and the Time of Day worksheet. As you read through the story have students circle when a specific time is mentioned.
2) At the end of the story, students will refer back to the circled times in the text to fill in the clock hands on the Farmer’s Smith’s Time of Day Worksheet. They should also rewrite the time on their worksheet and include am or pm.
3) After students have completed listing our Farmer Smith’s daily schedule, students should work to complete their own daily schedule using the Student Time of Day Worksheet.
4) On the Student Time of Day worksheet students will pick out 8 different times they will highlight in their normal daily schedule. They will list the activity, write the time of day it happens, and then draw the hands on the clock for the time of day. Examples of times students could include are wake up time, lunch time, recess, homework, school bus pickup, etc.

Extension Activity:

Have each student write a pricture story about his or her day. As students write their stories, they will draw clock faces showing what time of day each of the events occurred.